Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Service! Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy.

Rebuilding your life after bankruptcy, including your credit rating and finances, can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task.

But if you've recently filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, it's important to realize that there is life after bankruptcy.

Have you recently received a bankruptcy discharge and wondering what to do next? Contact @AfterHoursVA to start rebuilding your credit today!

Post -bankruptcy services available to debtor(s):

o Order credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion 30-60 days after discharge

o Review Schedule D (secured creditors)

o Review Schedule E & F (unsecured creditors)

o Look for public bankruptcy notation

o If inaccurate information is found, send dispute letters to credit bureaus

o Setup credit monitoring account

o Create spending plan

o Form 2 year goals

Friday, October 24, 2014

Notary Serving #RVA

Notary Serving #RVA

@AfterHoursVA provides Mobile Notary Service to Individuals and Businesses at: Airports, Assisted Living Communities, Hospitals, Movie Sets, Nursing Homes, Physicians, Office Building, Residences, Jails or any other convenient location.

All types of Notarial Acts performed. All types of documents.

Medical Affidavits

Corporate Affidavits

Refinance Closings


Loan Documents

Personal Notarizations

Title Transfers

Wills and Hospital Notarizations

Subpoenas, Affidavits, Statements

Insurance Documents


Discovery Documents

Title Transfers

Claims, Release

Billing Records

Adoption Documents

Parental Rights Affidavits

Real Estate Documents

Friday, October 3, 2014

Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waiver

The fee to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is currently $335. If you cannot afford to pay this fee up front or in installments, you might qualify for a waiver of the fee. Along with your other bankruptcy forms, you will have to complete and file an Application for Waiver of the Chapter 7 Filing Fee (Form 3B).

Who Qualifies for a Chapter 7 Fee Waiver?

You qualify for a fee waiver if:

you are an individual (businesses cannot apply for fee waivers)

you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

you cannot pay the fee in installments over 120 days, and
your combined family income is less than 150% of the official poverty line. (See chart below.)

If you cannot afford to pay the fee up front, but can pay in installments, you can file an Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments.

(Source: Nolo)

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