Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline

-Within 180 days prior to filing bankruptcy: Complete a credit counseling course and receive a certificate of completion.

-0 days: File bankruptcy Chapter 7. A typical bankruptcy petition consists of 60-75 pages of information including the Petition, Schedules and Statement of Affairs.

-14 days after you file bankruptcy: All deficiencies in bankruptcy documentation must be filed with the Court, including schedules of assets and liabilities.

-4-6 weeks after you file bankruptcy: You must attend a mandatory meeting with the bankruptcy trustee to confirm the good faith of your filing. Creditors who wish to object to your bankruptcy filing may appear at this meeting, but this is very rare.

-45 days after your meeting: If you filed a Chapter 7, you must complete a financial management course and the certificate must be filed with the Court for you to receive your discharge.

-60-90 days after meeting: If you filed a Chapter 7, your debts will usually be discharged if no objections are made.

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